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What is Duck Fisney? Who is Duck Fisney?

Who is Duck Fisney? What is Duck Fisney?

In the interest of full disclosure, Duck Fisney is a brand under the umbrella of a for profit business. We are a partnership (LLC) with two stakeholders, partners, and part time employees. As lifelong friends, long-time colleagues, and devoted conservatives/libertarians, we made a decision to fight back against a new cancer pervading our society, culture, and country, at the core of that fight is Duck Fisney.

A real quick description of the Duck Fisney team. Our leadership team has a collective background as entrepreneurs, student-athlete coaches/trainers, software developers, and graphic designers. One stakeholder (owner) remains "silent" (anonymous) for privacy reasons, but the other owner and primary partner are big believers in transparency and working towards being more front-and-center.

Michael and Ginger Lucy, husband/wife team, manage the Duck Fisney digital, social, and web assets and accounts. Michael and Ginger also have a 7 year old daughter (6 at the time when the Florida bill was signed), which amplified the story of "Woke Disney" for us and countless of our friends with children at similar ages. It was #GameOn.

The silent partner manages the print shop and print shop operations, YES, all our products are made in-house in in the USA!

NOTE: Michael Lucy has two accounts, currently locked out of original account as I know longer have access to the email I registered in 2012!

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

"Something is just not right", you know when you get that feeling? A feeling or emotion that is recurring over time, then at some point you reach a mindset where you are absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt something is wrong. You, however, can't quite put your finger on exactly what it is or exactly what is causing it.

The two bookends for me between the time when I felt something was wrong and when I knew something was wrong are;

  • September 9th, 2016: Hillary Clinton's Basket of Deplorables Speech
  • March 28th, 2022: Florida's Parental Rights in Education, "Don't Say Gay" backlash

While many people will say they "knew" something was wrong before Sept. 9th, 2016, others will say they knew well before March 28th, 2022, I am less cynical than the average person and as a black-and-white type A scientific mind type of person, I need more concrete evidence than Alex Jones' word or an EpochTimes article, #SorryNotSorry.

Beginning Bookend, "Basket of Deplorables"

September 9th, 2016 and the famous Hillary, "Basket of Deplorable" comment. Since the beginning of my time on earth and well before that, there was an unwritten rule that you can attack a candidate but never the candidates audience or followers. While there may have been violations of that unwritten rule over time I do not recall ever seeing, hearing, or reading any egregious attacks. This remark smacked me right across the face, it was a very different tone, it was arrogant, thoughtless, and inconsiderate.

Living most of my life in metro Detroit with a large union presence, the UAW, I knew that with the exception of the Reagan-era Democrats, metro Detroit was by and large left leaning Democrat turf. In 2016 it was well known throughout metro Detroit that Donald Trump was winning over a sizeable share of historically staunch Democrat voters. I fully expected Hillary to fight back and try to win back what, at least I considered, the Democrat base.

Then it happened, September 9th, 2016, "A Basket of Deplorables"! I had in 2016 a large diverse network and social sphere I ran with locally, some left-of-center and some right-of-center, it was immediately obvious after discussions with friends that after this Hillary's debacle had lost this voter segment, at least here in Detroit. I vividly recall one friend, a 20+ year union employee at Ford Motor Company said; "Hillary just gave the middle finger to me, my union brothers and sisters, and the entire middle class."

Middle Chapters, The Trump Years

I preface the middle chapters with, once again, I am much less cynical than the average conservative. I made "excuses" for our left-of-center ideological counterparts out of both compassion for mankind but also (and this is very important to this article) that I did not believe there was a deep seated embedded ideology driving their actions, words, and behavior.

We had Charlottesville in 2017, and I thought to myself; "If I was a lefty, I would probably act the same way, behave the same way, and say the same things." The one thing about Charlottesville was the media and their audience's blind obedience to the sound bite; "... there are good people on both sides." It was clearly; (1) taken out of context and (2) an incomplete quote.

Throughout 2017, 2018, and parts of 2019, we experienced a full court press by the media pertaining to Trump-Russia collusion. In 2019 and the very beginning of 2020 we had the Ukraine Zelenskyy phone call. The Democrats just completed round 1 of impeachment, they were teeing up round 2, then the world stopped with COVID. Impeachment round 2 IMMEDIATELY came to a halt and it was a complete pivot to COVID.

The election year 2020 and COVID, there is not much to say about it that we don't already know. COVID was an increasing escalation of the media's extreme and staunch criticism of Trump's every move from his COVID response, to his dealing with Governor's, to the "summer of social justice", to rumors about the election, it was a media and establishment blitz of epic proportions.

One other thing I believe worthy of mentioning is the escalation of blatant lies and gaslighting during COVID in 2020. I had been a skeptic of main stream media most of my life. In my perspective, as untrustworthy as that media may have been over the years, media it seemed to me would (at least) history entertain dissenting views and beliefs, they were biased but at least tried to play by some standards of journalism. Then in 2020, as the public was locked down sitting at home with nothing to do but watch news, it was a non-stop barrage of staring the public straight in their eyes and lying. It was not only conventional lies, but also whole new kinds of lies.

Ending Bookend, "Don't Say Gay" and Disney's Reaction

March 28th, 2022 when the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill was signed by Governor DeSantis, the immediate (over) reaction by opposing ideological forces (establishment, education, media, corporate America, etc.) was of a fervor and an extreme that I had not see before. Not only was it extreme, it was instantaneous, it was cohesive, it was collaborative, and it was of a density and magnitude even greater than COVID.

Then within days Disney executives lashed out, the Chairman of the Board, CEO, and President in lock-step admonishing Governor DeSantis. The following are clips from Christopher Rufo taken directly from the now famous Disney Corporate Zoom Video Conference.

Now, this was the moment when I absolutely knew with certainty there was a philosophy and/or ideology steering the progressive ship, something deeper. The next logical question is; What is it? Where is it coming from?

Faith, God, Morals, and Truth

I started out on my journey to identify the root cause of the ideology and beliefs. I start by asking a few highly intelligent trusted friends and colleagues (two of which are pastors) where this ideology is rooted. Summarily, all the initial responses can be described as;

"Mike, it's a increasing lack of god and faith in people's life."

While I buy this as a symptom, I do NOT believe it's the root cause. I was (am) convinced there is something deeper than lack of god or faith. For starters, humans instinctively are pre-disposed to meta-narratives, pre-disposed to living their life through a blueprint. Every religion is a meta-narrative, Christianity provides the bible as blueprint, Judaism the Old Testament (Torah), etc, with each religion providing a prescription for life. Even Marxism is a meta-narrative, it prescribes ad entire description and blueprint for life. So, in my mind if someone is lacking faith or god, it simply has to be replaced with something. What is that "something"?

Before we proceed, brief digression and a few words about me; Once again, I was born as a left brained Type A science driven person. I had always struggled with both faith and at times literature, for me science defines the world. For that reason, the first 40 years of my life, I was not an avid reader, never had much interest in literature, philosophy, moved away from faith or anything else literary. Times have changed, and now I have a deep hunger and passion for understanding, faith, the literal, and the meaning of life. This is important to the story I feel, as I meet and discuss this with more and more people I realize that it's 50/50 whether someone has knowledge of what we will discuss (postmodernism); 50% have knowledge, 50% do not have knowledge. Admittedly, I was completely obvious to this up until March 2022.

Finally, I'm Over the Target

In my rotation of reading, books, documentaries, blogs, podcasts, etc. is a steady diet Jordan Peterson. Shortly after March 28th (too lazy to do it right now, but I could dig through my YouTube history and find the exact date) I was watching a Jordan Peterson video with Peter Robinson from the Hoover Institute at Stanford.

Mr. Peterson is REALLY intelligent and if I were to say he has a tendency to be a sesquipedalian (person who overuses big words), many would agree. The problem with a fast thinker and complex speaker like Mr. Peterson is sometimes we as listeners simply ignore or just skip over parts of what they are saying, perhaps we internally make assumptions; "I don't understand what he is saying, it can't important anyways."

As Jordan Peterson is speaking with the audience at the Hoover Institute, he is talking about progressive forces and their ambition to deconstruct the nuclear family, THEN in the same thought he mentions postmodernism. I had heard the term "postmodern" many times in the past, but as the left brained Type A person I am, I simply chose to ignore it as "it can't be important". Part of me also related postmodernism to art, and while art may impact culture and society art itself is not a philosophy or ideology.

Peterson rattles off some names related to postmodernism and give a 20,000 foot birds eye summary of postmodernism. I put names (Nietzsche), the words (nihilism), the phrases (moral relativism) in my long term memory and set out to research what postmodernity is all about!

Paydirt - The Left's Neo-Marxist Philosophical Meaning(s) of Life

To emphasize how I felt when made this discovery, I will use a not-so-eloquent phrase to describe my reaction immediately upon starting to dive into postmodernism; HOLY SHIT, IT DESCRIBES EVERYTHING!

I am going to save most of the gory details of postmodernism for future articles. That said, below is a bullet list of the main tenets and assumptions of postmodernism.


  • Rejection of Metaphysics - Postmodernism does not believe in the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.
  • Social Constructivism - Truth and morality do not exist objectively.
  • Cultural Determinism - Theory and premise that individual group characteristics and behaviors are produced as a function of a societies economic, social, political, and religious organizations.
  • The Rejection of Individual Identity - Postmodernism rejects the common origin of humans. They believe that human identity is constructed by national and local culture and is specifically influenced by three key cultural features of gender, social class, and race.
  • Rejection of Humanism - Values that emphasize the creativity, autonomy, and priority of human beings are misplaced. There is no universal humanity since every culture constitutes its own reality. Groups must empower themselves to assert their own values and to take their place with other planetary species.
  • The Denial of the Transcendent - There are no absolutes. Even if there were, we would have no access to them since we are bound to our culture and imprisoned in our language.
  • Power Reductionism - All institutions, human relationships, moral values, and human creations are expressions and masks of the primal will to power.
  • The Rejection of Reason - Reason and the impulse to objectify truth are illusory masks for cultural power.
  • Revolutionary Critique of the Existing Order - Modern society with its rationalism, order, and unitary view of truth needs to be replaced by a new world order. The old order must be put away to be replaced by a new, as yet unclearly defined, mode of communal existence.


  • Social Construct, Moral Relativism - The view that moral values and judgements are not absolute and neither true or false. No moral statute or codex standpoint is uniquely privileged over time.
  • Social Construct, Subjective Truth - Subjective truth is based off of each individual persons experience, perspective, feelings, and opinion. Everything an individual knows is based off their inputs, senses, and perceptions, hence everything we know is subjective, a SUBJECTIVE REALITY and there is no such thing as OBJECTIVE TRUTH.
  • Cultural Determinism - Theory and premise that individual group characteristics and behaviors are produced as a function of a societies economic, social, political, and religious organizations.
  • Reason is Subjective - Postmodernism argues that people's reasoning is fundamentally subjective because their individual, group, and social beliefs and values alter the way they organize factual data, hence the narratives they construct around data will also be subjective.
  • Objective Knowledge is a Myth - Postmodernists reject knowledge because they consider all realities and values including human nature and his innate values as being fluid and constructed by social and external factors.
  • The world is too complex to be explained by any worldview claiming to have objective knowledge of absolute truth - The theory that no worldview and/or meta-narrative blueprint for objective knowledge and truth is possible since life is always changing and evolving.
  • Nihilism - Life has neither a god nor meaning.
  • No Individual is Neutral or Unbiased - Because there is no such thing as morals, absolute truth, and each person experiences lives through their subjective lived experiences every individual is in some way, shape, or form biased based upon their own subjective truth.
  • Societies Like Humans are Biased - Since societies are comprised of individuals, the macro society reflects the bias of the majority of the micro (individuals).

The Duck Fisney and Postmodernism Takeaway

There is so much more to postmodernism, certainly if an academic, scholar, or student of postmodernism were to read this, I would be scoffed and laughed at. Scoff at me, scoff at us, laugh at me, laugh at us, I am over the target and ready, willing, and capable of exposing postmodernism for what it is; a nihilistic worldview attempting to enslave mankind into an ideology of tribal warfare.

As mentioned above, I was oblivious to and ignored this philosophy and cancer for over 40 years. It's rooted DEEP in all of our institutions; government, education, media, law, and now companies/corporations. I am, and we are, just small cogs in the giant machine of humanity but together we make up the entire machine and production life of life.

In closing, I will leave you with a Call-To-Action! That call-to-action is for the sake of you, your family, your community, and mankind, please do some research on this philosophy, ideology, and as I call it cancer. If you are knowledgeable on Postmodernism, we want to hear from you, we want to hear your story or stories.

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