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Transgenderism and Gender Dysphoria vs. Race: A False Equivalence

About the Author: My name is Michael Lucy, a politically homeless conservative. Politically speaking, I identify as a Mugwump, a 19th century term for independent conservative. Millions of Americans are outraged with the recent events and conversations regarding government overreach into the lives of families with respect to child sexual identity education. So let's get started ...

There is a pervasive mentality in left-of-center ideology that if someone right-of-center disagrees with their view than it's appropriate to simply label that right-of-center person as "phobic". That phobia may be racism, sexism, or any other label that categorically paints a person as someone who solely operates as exclusionary or as a "supremacist".

The False Equivalence of Race and Sexual Identity

This article is not intended as a dialogue on the history of racism. Rather I will describe from my perspective how racism is being used as a foundation and template for other victim groups, specifically the T (trans) group within LGTBQ.

Left-of-center leaders, politicians, and elites have perverted the conversation of racism and are extrapolating that conversation into a false equivalence melting pot soup of racism and "non-binary" sexual identification, all distilled into one conversation which makes very little (if any) sense, at least makes very little sense to me.

It's a narrative that advocates "one victim for all, and all victims for one" while constantly probing and recruiting the next victim group to jump aboard the victim-bandwagon.

What victim group is next?

The False Equivalence of Race and Sexual Identity

Many conservatives want to start controversial racial conservations with BLM. I believe solely citing BLM is a non-conversation starter, it's shortsighted and exclusionary. The foundation of the conversation is about ALL African Americans, not just limited to BLM (supporters and advocates).

The left is crafting a narrative and attempting to implement policies vis-a-vie the argument that African Americans have been, still are, and will remain oppressed. The left's story is that if radical change is not made then oppression will continue to exist.

We are not here to debate the previous paragraph, rather to lay the groundwork for the false equivalence.

African Americans are brown, black, and even shades of white. It's a physical trait and attribute assigned at birth of which they have no control over.

The physical trait of being brown, black, or a different shade of white exposes African Americans to being different when surrounded by a predominantly non African American society and population. At an average of 13% of the US population, if we were entirely homogeneous society, a little more than one out of ten people would be African American.

History, human history, and human's primal instincts are that, as humans, we are tribal. The tribal instincts of humans and primates as a whole are that "the strong survive" and there is "power in numbers", especially when one group is a minority of a larger group assuming that physical characteristics of the minority are distinguishable from the group as a whole.

So with the vastly different physical traits and attributes of African American in addition to the lived history of oppression that African American's have encountered over time, there is absolutely grounds for African Americans to pursue the social justice debate and pursue a commensurate justice. People in general can disagree during a debate and they can disagree on commensurate justice, but we can all agree that there is a history at the very least worthy of discussion.

LGTBQ, Specifically the "T"

So as not to derail the train nor create any room for ambiguity, this part of the article will be strictly about gender identity, gender dysphoria, proposed fluidity of gender, and with a focus on transgenderism. We will touch upon some science, some history, and some subjectivity.

Gender Dysphoria:

Gender dysphoria is the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.

Humans are born with a combination of X and Y chromosomes. Somewhere between 99.6-99.8% (depending on source) of the worlds population are born with either XX (female) or XY (male). Females are born with physical characteristics, traits, and attributes that make them feminine while males are born with physical characteristics, traits, and attributes that make them male.

Within both females and males, we can all agree (I hope) that some males are more masculine and some females are more feminine but that still does not change the FACT that they are XX or XY.

Before we continue, let's discuss the other 0.2-04% of the population that are born with chromosomal irregularities. This small segment represents irregularities that includes;

  • Klinefelter Syndrome (males with an extra X chromosome), between 1/500 to 1/600 males are affected or 0.17-0.2%. People who are born with the physical irregularity of Klinefelter have a high predisposition for transgenderism, for the sake of this article let's assume all 0.17-0.2%.
  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) also afflicts males and comes with a predisposition for transgenderism though at a rate of between 2/100,000 to 5/100,000, 0.002-0.005%.
  • Gender Dysphoria which account for 0.005% to 0.014%
  • Other at this time unknown or not-entirely-known physical conditions that lead to a predisposition for transgenderism.
  • According to the National Library of Medicine, 0.39% of the population are affected by transgenderism (click here for citation)

It is important to note here that physical traits of people that suffer from gender dysphoria, 0.39% of the population, will exhibit a wide variety of physical traits from no obvious physical traits to widely recognizable traits and attributes.

In no way shape or form am I minimalizing that 0.39% of the population does not have human rights, should not be treated with absolute dignity, nor should not experience the same freedom that every else enjoys. The purpose of using statistics is to contrast and compare the scope and magnitude of differences between race and gender dysphoria, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Differences Between LBTBQ vs Race

Race, as a function of societal makeup or distribution is also relative to geography and place. In the US, African Americans represent 13% of the population. Finding statistics on the number of black people in a country within Africa is not as easy as it sounds (not able to find any) because the statistics available are for different groups and not based on skin color. The point being is that a country in Africa will have a much higher percentage of black people as a function of population.

The transgender population is an absolute, it's an absolute at 0.39% across the board for the entire human population of earth. It does not matter where you reside, that percentage will average out to 0.39%.

Recalling from above the conversation about the history of oppression and racism in the US, there is a penchant among the left and LGTBQ community to extrapolate racial oppression to non-binary (not straight male or female) sexual oppression. Unless I missed something in history class, LGTBQ were historically never held in bondage nor owned as slaves.

Somehow, despite these (and many other) obvious differences between race and sexual orientation the conversation and narrative become intertwined and co-dependent.

Identity and Victim Group Politics

One of my personal observations regarding victim group politicking is that, to me, it feels like the left is crafting a hierarchy of victimhood, or victimology. Meaning, victimhood is additive, a victim of racism may or may not be more of a victim than a sexual victim, but a racist victim that is also a sexual victim by virtue is a bigger victim than other victims. The more victim checkboxes a person can select, the greater their social status becomes where victims are always looking for ways to gain more status.

Transgenderism and Gender Dysphoria vs. Race: A False Equivalence Takeaway

The stacking of victim checkboxes, in my opinion, is not healthy for society. Rather than focusing on the future, we seem to get caught up looking in the rear view mirror too worried and focused on how we were victims, why we were victimized, and who did the victimizing.

To me, it seems like there is an attempt to normalize all types of victimology, perhaps an attempt to convince everyone they are a victim and galvanize all the victims into one heterogenous melting pot of victimhood.

The social justice conversations that are persistent in our culture and society are healthy conversations and dialogue, heated but healthy. For 13% of the US population, there is a documented history of oppression. Myself, I am an opponent of the position that America is built solely upon white privilege and systemic racism hence must be tore down, but that will NOT prevent me from engaging in a civil dialogue with anyone that believes otherwise. Matter of fact, I had a few conversations with local Detroit BLM leaders during COVID brainstorming constructive ideas to bridge the divide.

Given the takeaway for social justice with respect to race above, compare and contrast that to the current conversation and dialogue about transgenderism. There is a similar argument and position that society needs to deconstructed and rebuilt because of oppression to and upon transgender or gender-fluid individuals. The position and proposed policies (laws) would give more control to public institutions in the the raising of and sexual education of our children, specifically school children ages 5-8. This lending of power to government would be at the expense of the family, the nuclear family unit.

Furthermore, there is no documented physical proof of oppression of transgenders, sure there is anecdotal proof, there is "story telling proof", and there is a WHOLE LOT of "he said, she said" third party hyperbole, but documented proof of widespread systemic oppression does not exist.

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